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    "I have an idea, baby," my wife said with the most perfect and innocent smile.

    And that is how it all began…

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    Order him under the table on all fours and have him admire your beautiful pussy while you enjoy your dinner.

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    He has to kneel at the end of your bed with your panties hanging from his erect cock. If you find that he has dropped them when you wake from your nap he will have to wait another week to cum

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    "No, honey," my wife said in to the phone as she tried to explain it, again, to her best friend. "It has to be unconditional or there is no point. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me deeper in to her sopping sex as she spoke. "For instance, I’m making him service me right now with his mouth. It doesn’t matter that I just let him ejaculate inside of me. The fact that he doesn’t want to do it only makes it better for me, and reinforces his place in our relationship…"

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