1. fuckyeahchastiseme:

    Oh dear darling, I think I’ve just realised something.

    No, don’t you dare stop!

    As I was saying, I think you’re stuck in a vicious cycle.

    While I’ve got you locked up, you have to do everything I say, as well as you possibly can, otherwise you might never get to feel the wonderful release of orgasm again.

    But the problem is darling, that the better you get at eating my pussy, the more pleasure I have, the less reason I have to ever let you out from under my control…

  4. thess2000x:


    Love this scene.  It´s from a great Spanish movie called Amantes or Lovers, and it´s based on a true story.  The lovely lady taking her boy is Victoria Abril, fuming hot.


    Comme j’aime…

    The way I like it…

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  5. 442-425-451:

    Watching one of her favorite movies…a long movie

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  9. otk4us:

    Taking control and baring him from the waist down, then have him stand before you while you scold him and lecture him, then put him over your lap for a good long hard spanking until you are satisfied he has been properly disciplined.

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